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Take 3D Lenticular photographs quickly easily and effortlessly....

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See the Mitton LR1 in action
Watch your business grow with the Mitton LR1 Lenticular 3D Photography System, Sofware and screen

The Mitton LR1 is a new and exciting tool for creating 3D photographs of the very highest quality, suitable for all types of commercial and portrait work, on and off site, using your own camera and printer. The LR1 enables a number of frames to be taken around the subject to create a 3D image, capturing the essence of the scene, replicating the reality of depth in the most precise way. The Mitton LR1 Software then interlaces these images so that when they are affixed, by you, to lenticular screen a most amazing, professional 3D image is borne. Effortlessly, cost effectively and efficiently. At last the opportunity now exists for you to be able to confidently offer this exciting technology to your customers, and expand your business horizons.

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"The rail system has arrived thank you. I have just had a look at it this morning, and I am very impressed by its mechanical simplicity. A piece of engineering genius if I might say.
When I was looking at this idea a few years ago I was convinced it should be done with electronic stepper motors especially for the toeing in of the head. I am glad I didn't pursue it because your system is brilliant - and more importantly, light weight too."
Jake A Purches MD/Owner
BASE2 Studio

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