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Mitton 3D Lenticular Samples

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Due to a High volume of requests for samples from the Mitton LR1 we are now offering an A4 or A5 sample on request for €45.00 and €25.00 euro repectively (excludes VAT and delivery costs)

All samples are printed on an epson 9800 and hand laminated

A4 Print
Printed on 40 LPI screen this sample gives greater depth than the 60LPI but weighs slightly more.

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A5 Print
Printed on 60 LPI screen this sample gives great depth on a thinner and lighter substrate than the 40LPI


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'I just received the image taken with the Mitton LR1 and I I fell in love with it. This was the best 3D sample I have in my collection. I have bought from over a dozen places on the web and I found your sample by far the best.'

Vijay Mukhi
3D Evangelist


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