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Mitton 3D interlacing software

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Mitton 3D Interlacing software:
• Easily create 3D images from your photographic files
• Will accept most image file types.
• Create Lenticulars quickly and easily with easy to understand interfaces that guide you visually through the lenticular editing and production process giving you perfect lenticular prints time after time.
• Create Anaglyph 3D photographs (To be viewed with red/blue glasses) with the push of a button (colour or monotone for fast checking of 3D effects)
• Re colour and edit image sequences. No need to do them one by one, edit the first image and the rest are done!
• Non destructive image editing. As with RAW you can edit the image sequence and then batch save the new sequence without changing the originals.
• Re-register your animations by selecting a new ‘toe in’ point.
• Save re-registered frames as new files with batch process
• Crop into any area on your sequence and make a lenticular from that area
• Create Flash movies of your creations with the push of a button and even embed them in web ready HTM pages
• Super fast interlacing
• No restrictions on LPI output with the A4, Home and Pro’ editions
• Create Pitch tests quickly and easily
• No size restrictions with the ‘Full’ edition.
• Limited to A3 with Pro edition
• Limited to A4 with ‘A4 edition’
• Works with both PC and Mac (Mac must be running Parallels or Boot Camp)

A4 edition

Only £22.00

Pro edition

Only £59.00

Full edition

Only £175.00
Please contact us at for your chosen version. We will send you a paypal invoice and email you the download link and password once payment is recieved.
From only £22.00

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