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The System

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Dedicated Software For The User's Computer



The Mitton LR1 is accompanied by dedicated computer software designed to generate lenticular images accurately and fluidly. The clear and intuitive interface puts the control in the hands of the photographer.

Anaglyphs and animations can be generated for display to clients and projects can be saved for future use, all with the aim of maximising the impact of your lenticular photographs and minimising the time required for their production.

The Mitton3D software provides everything you need to manage and process your three dimensional imagery.     




mitton 3d lenticular photography latest news
  • Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS X
  • 256MB RAM
  • 25MB Hard Drive Space
mitton 3d lenticular photography latest news

Re-Explore Creative Photography

Minimum Time and Effort



Until now lenticular photography has been confined to specialist 3D service agents – but as a result of this amazing invention the medium is available to photographers everywhere. The Mitton 3D Linear Rail is designed to be compatible with the finest quality cameras including Hasselblad, Mamiya, Canon and Nikon.

The system requires only one camera - your camera - so the image quality is uncompromised and use of the LR1 can fit seamlessly into your existing workflow. Every photographer is different and the LR1 offers the freedom to creatively explore the medium of three dimensional digital SLR photography

With its camera alignment design, the Mitton LR1 provides the most accurate method for producing true 3D images without requiring expensive, complex computerised motor control.

The results are quality, full frame, lenticular images, with the expenditure of minimum time and effort. The controller/programmer which is attached to the LR1 provides an easy-to-use interface for full creative control over your lenticular photography.

Beautiful Portraits in seconds


Ease of Use

Precision Built to Last



From its conception right through the design strategy, the main aim has been to ensure simplicity and ease of use, so you can spend your time exploring the many applications in the 3D world.

The Mitton LR1 includes an easy set-up guide, an instructive DVD and a full user manual with creative input from the Mitton 3D design team. No prior knowledge of 3D imaging is required, just a love of photography and the inspiration to explore new possibilities.

One of the driving philosophies of Mitton3D is that products should be engineered to last a lifetime. Every Mitton LR1 is engineered to the most precise standards and specifications.

The Mitton Linear Rail System incorporates a fast charge circuit for battery charging which provides at least 24 hours of continuous use from a full charge. Fabricated from high grade stainless steel and lightweight, strong aluminium, the LR1 provides absolute durability in or out of the studio.

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